So with EVFest only a month away, progress has picked up on the Porsche conversion. We will be implementing a lot of new ideas, and our goal is still to drive the car to the show. We started with some basic maintenance items that had been neglected for a while.

The clutch slave cylinder was reinstalled and the system bled. Hurrah for a working clutch.

The brake system was also reworked with a new vacuum system sensor. However, not two minutes after we installed the new sensor, we must have tightened it too much, and it cracked off. Very disappointing, especially since the previous sensor seems to be having hysteresis problems that made the pump stop/start very rapidly. We decided to reinstall the sensor and so far it is working fine. We will have to keep an eye on it.

We then moved on to mounting the new components that we had purchased - the first being the new Warp Drive Industrial 1200A controller. Being a much larger unit than our previous controller, we could not use the same location. We found that by trimming our adapter plate, we could make enough room to mount the controller to the side of the top battery box. We welded a few support tabs onto the box, repaint, and mounted the warp drive. All of the connectors should have enough clearance, including the new coolant hose connectors. Also, the warning lights on the case of the controller should be visible through the Lexan in the hood.

With the controller mounted, we installed the new throttle, and then the cooling system. We purchased Netgain`s standard cooling kit, instead of the pricey performance kit, so we will have to see how our temperature fairs.

We also cleaned up a bunch of the 12V wiring in the car. The new controller makes wiring a lot simpler, especially with the interface module eliminating the need for an extra shunt and gauge.

The next step will be to run all of the high-voltage wiring. This will be done using a separate Anderson disconnect between each battery pack, as well as one accessible from the driver`s seat. In each case, both positive and negative wires will be disconnected simultaneously for added safety. In addition, keeping the wires close together will reduce the EM fields produced, which is always a good thing.

At this rate the 944 will be on the road in no time.