This post is a little late but as you have most likely noticed from the video on the home page, the car has completely transformed and is up and running. The use of the double garage proved very helpful and we were both working hard on many components of the car. We started by completely rebuilding the battery boxes and the mounting method. Once we got the idea, it was simple to create the other boxes. 

We wanted to work as much as possible because we had a very tight deadline. EV fest was only a couple months away and we were dedicated to ensuring the car was capable of being driven by that date. Sure enough, it was, but the road to success was rough, we blew up a controller during the testing process and had to pain stakingly trouble shoot the issues. Proudly, we completed the car and were so excited, we couldn't wait to take it for a spin however, because we took it apart with the idea of creating a race day car, we couldn't road test it. 

We are currently reconfiguring the throttle and controller for improved power deliver and adding the necessary safety components required to pass safety. Once complete, we will be able to drive the car to our shows without the use of the car trailer.  We hope to have this complete within the next couple months.