Last weekend's EV Fest was a huge success! We stuffed every last component into the car, and even got most of the wiring done. We still had to use human-power to get the car into the showroom, but it looked very impressive. We had over 500 guests come by and check out the car, and they had some excellent questions. I'd like to send out a big thanks to the organizers for a job very well done. This was the first EV show in Toronto, and each year is going to get bigger and better.

Oh, and the 944 won the award for Best Techinal at the show. That's a pretty big honour for our not-quite-finished yet project. People are obviously seeing the car's final potential, which is great. EVs are supposed to functional, but the 944 goes one step further with it's flair. We're planning on adding a lot more character to this car over the winter, so stay tuned!

We might also be making an appearance in the Toronto Star, so keep an eye out for the EV Fest article coming out on Saturday October 23.