So it has been another very successful weekend working with the Porsche. We have installed all of the new toys that we bought to upgrade the EV. Here's the list of improvements made since before our last controller failure:
- New WarP-Drive 1200A controller with Interface Module
- New standard WarP-Drive cooling system with reservoir, pump, radiator and fans. And Orange 'High Voltage' Coolant!
- Fixed the vacuum pump wiring
- Improved low-voltage wiring with better connectors, and simpler installation.
- Improved high-voltage wiring with orange cables, anderson disconnects between battery boxes, terminal boots, and much more.
- Relocated emergency disconnect switch to inside the driver compartment and with no cable/pulley required.

After a few quick tests with the wheels off the ground, everything seemed to be in order. We did another quick scoot up and down the driveway, with great success. The throttle is far easier to control, and moves the car much smoother.

Everything is looking good for EV Fest now. Hopefuly some road tests in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.