At Singular Motion, we feel that electricity is the fuel of the future. We offer completely customized solutions to move your vehicle into the next generation, free of noxious emissions and oil-dependency. Eliminate pump-frustations, oil-change headaches and over-priced repairs by embracing clean, reliable and nearly maintenance free electric technology.

We are a small, flexible company dedicated to providing our clients with the best in performance and value. Located just outside the Greater Toronto Area, we are easily available for personal consultations and demonstrations. Our classic 1983 Porsche 944 with its powerful and lightweight electric drive system will amaze you and give you a taste of the electric future.

What We Drive:

1983 Porsche 944 EV, 1992 Mazda Miata, 2002 Mazda Miata and a 2003 Honda S2000

Below: The EV Flagship for Singular Motion. Shown in its stock form, recently purchased and eager to be rid of its gas-hungry ICE parts.

Above: Our noxious gas cars having a cool down at the Toronto Motorsports road course in Cayuga.
Below: Brian and Graham preparing to go burn a little rubber, and more than a little gas. Once we have the 944 speeding around the track we won't have to worry so much about the environmental foot-print of our weekend fun.